Wednesday, April 01, 2015

March Stitch Fix Review

It's Stitch Fix time again! If you have no idea what Stitch Fix is, you can check out my November, December, and February reviews, which each contain a lovely explanation. I'm way too tired today to write it all out again.

A note about the pics from this post - I took these in my mom's bathroom mirror because I spent the whole weekend that I had my Fix taking care of her. (She hurt her back again, and had some kind of mysterious illness). I was tired and headacey, and thus these are totally not the greatest pics ever in all kinds of ways, but that's life, ya know? We don't look awesome in every picture, and that's ok. And as usual, I included pics of each item on its own, in case you want to pin any to your own Stitch Fix inspiration boards! And as always, the post includes my affiliate link, which gives me a snazzy $25 account credit if you happen to sign up and order a Fix of your own. And also as always, they aren't paying me anything for this post, which is sad, because my coffee addiction is really expensive.

Papermoon Lexis Henley Knit Top - $48

Papermoon Lexis Henley Knit Top

If there's one thing that I've learned from watching way too many seasons of Project Runway, it's that print is a totally personal thing. You either love a print or just plain don't, and this one is a don't for me. I keep wondering if I'd like it more if it had different colors? (Orange is one of the few colors I've requested to avoid in my Stitch Fix profile) but I think that I'd be equally bleh about it even with colors I was more into. But like I said, taste in prints is totally personal, and I've recently seen two other people get this shirt who absolutely loved the print. The fabric is soft and comfy, but I don't think the shape is especially flattering on me, either. I do have to give my stylist a thumbs up for paying attention to my "Tops around $50 or less, pleeeeeeease" begging on this one, though. 

Stitch Fix Lexis Henley Knit Top

Pattern close-up

Pixley Ohara Faux Wrap Tie Waist Dress - $68

Pixley Ohara Faux Wrap Tie Waist Dress

This dress is one of he very first things I pinned when I first set up my Stitch Fix board on Pinterest, so I was excited to see it in my box! It's made of soft jersey fabric, and the color is fantastic for spring.

Stitch Fix Ohara Faux Wrap Tie Waist Dress

Sadly, he fit was just kinda off. The waistline hits me at a kind of weird place, the sleeves are not quite 3/4 length on my long arms, which is a little awkward, and the length could use just one or two more inches to look right on my 5'10 1/2"-ish self, Lots of little things, but they added up to this just not being a keeper.

Zad Val Chandelier Earrings - $28

I like these gold earrings quite a bit!

There's a reason why I always request no accessories, though - I have SO. MUCH. Jewelry. I seriously spent close to two hours last week sorting through my jewelry boxes trying to pick things to get rid of, since there's just way too much and I never wear half of it. So while these earrings are cute, they're also pretty much the last thing I need more of.

The two fairly similar pairs I already own. 

Dear John Marson Wide Leg Jeans - $78

I have a photo of these jeans on, but it's so horribly unflattering that even though I lack any kind of self consciousness in general, will NOT be posting it online. It was bad. These somehow managed to make my lower belly area look ginormous, in a very "mom jeans" kind of way. Plus, I just splurged on some almost $60 jeans from Stitch Fix a few months ago, so it's way too soon for more. And, of course, my profile says no wide leg jeans, so... yeah. Not sure how this is a thing that happened. (This is something that totally confuses me. If I select not to receive a certain style, it's because I know my body really well at this point in my life, and I know 100% without a doubt that style is NOT going to work on me. If I think there's some chance they might find something that will work, I leave the option to receive it open. No means no, Stitch Fix!)

Leota Nico Faux Wrap Dress - $134

Ah, this dress. The fit was pretty much spot-on, but I wasn't that into the large polka dottyness, and I was definitely not into the $134 price tag. I emphasize my price point in pretty much every single stylist note, but I guess I still haven't managed to make it clear that there is a 0% chance of me spending that kind of money on a dress. I mean, if I was shopping for a holiday party dress or some kind of special occasion? Sure! But for just an everyday, throw it on and go to Target dress? Nooooooo way. 

By the way, this dress totally comes with a matching belt that I was too lazy to put on for these pics. 

Is this the greatest fashion blogging photo ever taken? Probably. Let's try that again. 

Not much better. Oh well.

So, yeah. Great dress shape, okay fabric, meh pattern, definite price fail. If you're keeping score, that's 0 out of 5 items kept this month!

I always forget to post my style cards, but here's what this month's look like! They always offer suggestions for how to dress each piece up or down.

I updated my Stitch Fix profile with a bit more info, so fingers crossed I'll have more luck this month! (My next shipment is scheduled for the 23rd.)


aquaedenpaige2 said...

I love the pretty close you have and trying on .

Amy Orvin said...

I think that the knit top looks very pretty on you. Yes, it would be much prettier in another color but still I like it.

Fizzgig said...

Wow. Those chandelier earrings are absolutely stunning! Also, you pull off a wrap dress so well.. I wish I could!

Amber Ludwig said...

Oh man, some of those prices alone would just kill me lol!! Alto I would love the monthly surprises!!

slehan said...

I can tell that none of these would float my boat either.

slehan at juno dot com

Kelly Mogk said...

Dude. I just packed up all my items from my April fix to send back. What is with all the faux wrap dresses? It's just not my thing. Maybe if I wasn't a teacher and I was cool with the massive Jessica Rabbit cleavage effect... I just don't know. And another too-short maxi dress. All the sad! I'm shopping for a dress for Dos' HS graduation, and was hoping Stitch Fix would make it easier... they sent dresses in March and April that just didn't work. Boo! Btw, I totally dig that first orange shirt -- I'd feel so hippy cool! ;) And super sad to hear your mom hasn't been doing well. Hope she is better soon -- MISS YOU!