Monday, April 13, 2015

The Weekend That Was

I thought I'd do something a little different this week and link up for "Weekending" and "Mingle Monday", inspired by the "Weekend That Was" posts at Life According to Steph! (If I do this more than once, I totally need to come up with my own title!) This is really going to be more of "The Sunday That Was", though, because I legit did nooooothing on Saturday, except sleep until 2 pm and clean out part of my closet. 

Sunday was one of those rare Spring days where it was a perfect 73 degrees and not stormy, so I went over to Branson to check out the Lakeside Forest Trail hiking trails just off of Fall Creek Road. I've been wanting to get to these for ages, but this is the first time that both my schedule and the weather have cooperated! There are several miles worth of trails, but since this was my first time out I took the most straightforward one towards the historic cabin at the center of the property, and then followed the trail that runs parallel to the old stone wall that circled the homestead.

I need to find a better bag to take out on trails with me - this time I used the little zippered bag that I picked up in Mexico like 10 years ago, since i was just the right size for my phone, lens cap, and little bottle of water.

And holy cow am I out of shape! The part of the trails that I did was less than a mile, but the rocky, hilly terrain makes it feel like a lot more!

I really want to follow the route that I outlined here in green next time, since it includes a snazzy waterfall and cave, but it also includes 315 rugged stone steps leading down over 100 feet. I'm cool with going *down* those stairs, but not so sure how I feel about coming back up!

After the trail, I went over to the hospital to visit mom. It looks like she'll be getting out on Friday, but we're not sure yet if she'll be going straight home or back to a nursing home for a couple of weeks, first. Looking forward to spending way less time at the hospital!

Have I even mentioned yet that we finally got Moe's in Branson?? Moe's is one of my favorite places to grab food in Orlando, and I'm freaking psyched to have it within a decent driving distance now! When I went a week or so ago, they gave me a coupon for a $3 burrito (they're usually about $7), so I rounded out my afternoon with another Moe's run today to grab a giant back of food with which to stuff my face!

I always get a big ol' bowl of queso I generally don't even order a burrito or taco or anything, just give me queso and chips and salsa and I'm in heaven. However, since I'm so in love with Moe's salsa, I always end up filling up a zillion little cups with it at the salsa bar. I finally found a way around that - picked these up at Target and I am now totally the lady who brings my own containers to fill with salsa. 

There's a little cup of the hot salsa on top, for size comparison. They're all SO GOOD.

I made it home in time to catch most of the Portland Timbers vs Orlando City game, which we totally won 2-0! (#GoCity!)

All hail Kaka!

I started watching AE's "Married at First Sight" last night, and I'm pretty hooked. It's interesting to see how people who are perfect together on paper work out as a real couple. It points out how much of relationships come from that extra un-defineable thing. This is season 2, so I might have to go back and indulge in season 1 eventually.

The temp plates on my new car expire tomorrow (um, oops?) so I get to spend at least part of my day at the DMV taking care of the whole title/tags thing, and then I'll probably head back over to the hospital to see mom yet again. As usual, I feel like I'm behind on pretty much everything - it would be so nice to feel all caught up in at least one area of life! Eventually? Maybe?


Amber Ludwig said...

Ooh I'm so envious of your trail!! We love hiking but we don't have any features like yours on most of our hikes!! It's looks beautiful out there!! And we love Moe's too!! I may be that lady next ;)

slehan said...

Lovely pictures from your walk. Hope your mom gets better soon.

slehan at juno dot com

Fizzgig said...

Wow. What a stunning trail! Hope your mom is doing much better by now!

Derrick Todd said...

What a fun walk. The pictures of the old cottage look amazing. I'm so glad that Spring is FINALLY here.