Wednesday, May 06, 2015

10 Things on Wednesday- Volume 38

1. One of my best childhood friends got married this weekend!

I had a major "What do you even wear to a 6 pm outdoor summer wedding?" dilemma, and ended up going with this Simply Vera Wang maxi dress that I got on clearance at Kohls for like $12 a few months ago. Worked out perfectly! I was there for like five hours, which seems SUPER long, but then again it's been ages since I was last at a wedding.

2. I never got around to doing a 10 things post last week, but my poor Squirrel kitty was super sick. I first noticed on Friday night when he didn't come to my bedroom to sleep in the bed. This little guy is the BIGGEST momma's boy - if I'm in another room with the door closed for like 5 minutes, he will often start crying. He follows me everywhere! So for him to sleep in the living room was just plain weird. But then he didn't eat all weekend, and I could tell he just plain didn't feel good, so we set off for the vet first thing Monday morning. She ruled out a few scary things via blood tests, and then ended up just prescribing him some pain meds and antibiotics, which totally worked! (More about that below!)

He was SO GOOD at the vet, though! We were in the exam room for about 45 min total while tests were run, so I sat in a chair by a window and let him just chill in my lap.

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Pretty sure I was more nervous than he was. I was running on about 2 hours of sleep because I woke up worried about him at like 5 am and couldn't fall back asleep.
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Spent most of the visit chilling together, looking out the window. Except...

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He needed to hide when two dogs out in the lobby got into the barking version of a rap battle. It was SO LOUD, and I can't imagine how scary it would be for a little guy in a new place who felt sick. He hid like this for a good 10 minutes, and I was mocking him a la "Nobody will EVER FIND YOU!". Except then the vet tech came in to take him to administer some fluids, and she was literally like "Where is the kitty?" So maybe his hiding skills really are pretty solid.

3. Let me offer a pro tip, cat-loving friends! We had to do many days of oral liquid antibiotics, plus three pain pills. Anyone who has ever tried to give medicine to a cat knows how fun this is, especially if he is feeling icky and you can't just hide it in some food because he doesn't want to eat.

However, I came up with a brilliant solution. I bought some Fancy Feast Broths, which are mostly liquid, and I'd fill up the syringe used to squirt meds in his mouth with the required amount of antibiotics, then top it off with a little broth. That way, the yummy food was the first thing he tasted when I shot it in his mouth. After I got the medicine down, I'd get a bit more broth in the syringe and give him that, so we ended on a high note. Taking his meds was never his favorite thing of the day, but at least he liked the food part!

4. Do you remember playing with these whirly seed pods as a kid?

There's a BILLION of them on the ground near the entrance to the nursing home where mom is right now, so I grabbed a few to let my cats play with. I expect hilarity to ensue.

5. I need some fresh tunes to shake up my iPod. What do you have on repeat lately?

6. I was driving past the little used car place in the next town when I spotted this and pretty much slammed on the brakes:

In case you don't remember, this is what my former car looked like when we last saw her:

I got SUPER excited at first, and was totally ready to trade my new car for this one on the spot, but I pulled it up online when I got home and found out that it's a 2002 with 137,000 miles, and they want $7k for it. Mine was a 2004 with only 100k & the special 40th anniversary package, and it was only worth $7k, so this one is super overpriced. Theres nothing *wrong* with my current car, but oh man do I miss the Mustang. Speaking of which...

7. I've been seeing a few of the 2015 Mustangs out and about, and I'm kind of in love. I mean, LOOOOK HOW PRETTY:

However, I am super bummed that the only green they make (and apparently have made for ages) is a bright lime green color. So I pulled the above pic up in my phone's photo editor and gave green a go:

THIS IS WHAT I WANT. Why don't they make these?

Then again, it's not like I'm going to be able to afford a new (or even new-ish) Mustang for a while, (brand new ones are like $24,000), so I'm actually sort of glad they don't make the color I want. Maybe in a few years I can get one for much less $ and just get it one painted the color I want. Then I'll have a totally unique car! (And we all know how much I like having something that nobody else has!)

8. Tried out a new hiking/nature trail place last week! I only did the 1/4 mile trail so far since I was short on time, but I'm planning to go back this week to do some of the longer ones. I'll save all of that for another post, but until then, here's the view from the end!

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9. And that photo reminds me... my new phone's camera is TERRIBLE. It's 8mp, so I should get decent pictures, but they almost always suck. Anyone else have a Kyocera Hydro Vibe and tips to share?

10. This documentary looks fascinating. May have to hunt it down.

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