Sunday, May 24, 2015

11 Things I Miss About Orlando

I've been super homesick lately, and thus I give you... 11 Things I Miss About Orlando!

1. Crazy Florida Thunderstorms - Florida has more lightning than anywhere else in the country (possibly the world?), and it's so much fun to sit by the window and watch huge bolts of lightning crack across the sky.

2. Palm Trees

3. Lazy afternoons spent wandering Disney resorts, snapping photos.

4. The totally subtle way that we celebrate holidays. 

5. Afternoon tea with my Katie! We've been doing them since... 2005? I think? I would ill for a cup of Eros and one of those scones right now, y'all.

6. And shenanigans with my Florida friends in general!

7. And yes, I love spending time in the theme parks. But I'm more about exploring and finding cool overlooked details than riding Space Mountain for the millionth time. (Points if you know where this pic was taken!)

8. Butterbeer, duh. 

9. Tijuana Flats and their house made hot sauces. Must try at least half a dozen different hot sauces with each meal. 

 10. Publix. I freakin' love Publix.

11. And downtown Orlando, obviously, especially at night, double especially when there are great local bands playing.

I've been trying to save up $ to move back for YEARS now, so I finally gave in and set up a Go Fund Me page to help with moving expenses in hopes of finally, FINALLY getting back there by the end of the summer! If you'd like to throw a dollar or three my way, I'd appreciate you bunches! Just think of all of the awesome blog content y'all get when I move back! Disney and beaches and general Florida craziness galore!

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Katie said...

Florida misses YOU! When you get back here, we're doing tea. Shenanigans will ensue.