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April Stitch Fix Review

Time for another Stitch Fix blog review!

I think this might be my last Stitch Fix, you guys. I'm so bummed.

The whole point of Stitch Fix is to have fun being surprised by a box full of clothes tailored to your likes, and this fix was not fun at all for me. I went from super excited to see the box on my doorstep a day early to fighting back tears less than 10 minutes later as I was trying things on.

After my March Stitch Fix review, I contacted Stitch Fix customer service about the fact that out of four Stitch Fix boxes so far, I've only liked two items. 2 out of 20 is not great. Customer service got right back to me and offered to waive the styling fee for my April fix, and suggested that I add a bit more to my notes section of my profile, so I did just that. In my note to my stylist this month, I mentioned that I have trips to Savannah, GA and New Orleans planned soon, so I'd love lightweight dresses perfect for adventuring around humid southern cities. (I think I'd be happy with a whole box of Stitch Fix dresses!) I was definitely hoping to receive something along the lines of the cute dresses I've pinned recently:

Stitch Fix Pinterest Board

Had to shrink this a bit to fit, but you can click it for full size! As you can probably tell, though, I like v-neck or wrap style dresses with an empire (or close to) waistline. Preferably just above the knee, but I did pin a couple of maxis with notes that I usually don't like them, but that the ones I pinned were so cute I'd be open to trying! (You can check out my Stitch Fix Pinterest board here, btw! It's a mix of Stitch Fix items I've seen on other blogs and boards, and outfits from other shops that I'd like to receive something similar to. I also point my stylist towards my Style Pinboard, which I'm a little less picky about pinning to - for instance a dress I love that I know wouldn't work on my body might still go there, but I still think it's worth looking at for an idea of my aesthetic in general.)

I also mentioned that I'd love a great pair of shorts - something more fun than regular denim, but nothing too out there in terms of crazy patterns.

Stitch Fix Box

Seeing that my Stitch Fix box has arrived is always exciting!

Stitch Fix Box Opening

Stitch Fix box opening! My first thoughts just from seeing the fabrics and colors like this were (top to bottom) maybe-no-yes-no-yes!

I took the suggestion that I've seen online this time - not looking at my stylist note or prices until after I'd tried everything on. I wanted to get my honest reactions to pieces without being clouded by price.

All tops are pictured with my Kut from the Kloth Diana skinny jeans from my 2nd Stitch Fix, btw!

Pixley Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee - $44

Pixley Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material TeeBack of Pixley Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee

This top had potential. Although I've mentioned my distaste for grey several times, the pattern was fun. If this had fit fantastically, it would have been a contender as a keeper, but unfortunately it looked super boxy on:

Stitch Fix Pixley Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee
Back of Pixley Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee Stitch Fix

I actually like the rear view of this quite a bit, but I think we can all agree that the front is pretty blahhh.

Skies Are Blue Gus Henley Top - $44

Skies Are Blue Gus Henley Top

I never wear cream colors like this since I'm so pale, but I did really like the print on this top. The shape seemed okay, but the fit was a little off again.

Stitch Fix Skies Are Blue Gus Henley Top

Skies Are Blue Gus Henley Top Stitch Fix

A little tough to tell from pics, but this was a bit tight around my chest and shoulder area, while being a little too large on the lower half. I think that the way the fabric is made to gather just below the shoulders is sort of unflattering on me, too. I didn't hate this one on, at least, and tried on the idea of keeping it, but I just didn't like it enough. (If I like something a little bit but I'm not in love, I'll think "If I had to go run an errand right now, would I grab this from my closet to wear?" If I think I'd reach for something else instead, it's not a keeper.)

Fun2Fun Clarise Mixed Print Tank - $38

Clarise Mixed Print Tank Stitch Fix Fun2Fun

After loving this fabric at first glance, I was super bummed to pull it out of the box and see the shape... or lack thereof, I guess? I keep mentioning in my checkout notes that blousey style tops don't work on me at all. I need some sort of shape to a top to keep it from looking like a tent on my body. Like this:

Fun2Fun Clarise Mixed Print Tank

Hello! Would your troupe of girl scouts like to use my top as a tent?

Stitch Fix Fun2Fun Clarise Mixed Print Tank

I think the problem with this top is really simple: It's basically A-shaped, getting wider as you move top to bottom, while my upper body is totally V-shaped. Trying to combine my widest part with its narrowest is just disaster. But yeah, I'd say this definitely illustrates why I need a top that doesn't just continue straight down from the largest part of my bust - otherwise my waist looks literally twice as thick as it is! I don't think *anyone* wants that! I do have to give my stylist credit for the overall vibe of the top - it's definitely in the right family of styles I'd reach for, just totally the wrong shape.

Kut from the Kloth Elliot Cargo Pocket Shorts - $58

Kut from the Kloth Elliot Cargo Pocket Shorts

I liked these shorts a lot at first glance - the color is great, and I've been pleased with the quality of Kut from the Kloth in the past. However, when I put them on I found that they were super long and that I wasn't a fan of the placement pockets at all. The way they're oriented towards the outer edge of the thigh makes my upper thighs look way larger than they are.
Teal Kut from the Kloth Elliot Cargo Pocket Shorts

In hopes of liking them more, I tried cuffing the shorts a bit. I definitely thought they looked better at a more shorts-y length, but I still wasn't sold.

Stitch Fix Kut from the Kloth Elliot Cargo Pocket Shorts Teal

 I kept trying to like these shorts because I love the color and I desperately wanted to like *something* from this Fix, but every time I put them on and looked in the mirror, all I could think was "WOW do I hate those pockets" If only these hadn't been cargo style, I'd probably have kept and worn them a dozen times by now!

Papermoon Waters Abstract Print Maxi Dress - $68

Papermoon Waters Abstract Print Maxi Dress

This is where I'm going to sound incredibly lame: This dress was the last item I tried on, and I came really close to crying when I did. The best analogy I can come up with is to be super excited to open a Christmas present from your boyfriend, only to be totally disappointed because it's just so wrong that you wonder if he knows you at all. Okay, that's probably a little over the top, but it's the best I can do in terms of explaining. There's nothing wrong with this dress, it's just not me at all. I definitely didn't feel cute in it, or that someone had put thought into picking it for me, and after four other items that didn't work, I kinda broke. I'd gotten my hopes up about getting what I'd asked for - a light, summery dress to explore NOLA & Savannah in on my vacations - that the letdown was probably harder than if I hadn't made any requests. The print is kind of cute, but I'm not into black and white at all, the waistline is wrong on my body, the neckline is meh, and if I'm going to be frolicking around Southern cities in 90+ degree heat with crazy humidity, I'm not going to want a maxi dress. And while it was fairly inexpensive as far as Stitch Fix dresses go, I couldn't discern any real difference in quality from the $16 maxi dress I'd tried on at Walmart the previous week. (That one didn't look good on me, either, but when you see a cute dress for $16, you've gotta at least give it a try!)

Although I didn't keep anything from this Fix, I do have to praise the prices! In previous fixes, I kept getting items that were way above my budget, but everything I was sent this time was much more reasonable. The five items came to $252 total, which would have been less than $200 for everything if I'd kept all 5 and gotten the 25% "buy 5 discount". WAY more in my price range than past fixes have been, so kudos for that, at least! here's the part of my multiple Fix Fails that baffles me: Other than my larger on top proportions, I don't feel like I have a difficult body to dress. While I'm far from modelesque, I'm tall and hourglass shaped and a very "average" size 8-10/medium. It seems like it would be super easy to pick clothes that flatter my shape? And yet only two items out of 25 have been keepers, with almost all of the "no" items being because of them looking not great on my body type. (There was one fantastic dress that I vetoed because of price and pattern, but I think almost everything else has been fit.) So I decided to try an experiment - I set off to some local clothing stores to find out if I tend to stick to the same shape of dresses because I'm old and stuck in my ways, or if I just know my body really well at this point and know what looks best on it. Stay tuned for the results of the experiment!

I do still have a small Stitch Fix credit (I get credit if anyone signs up via my link, which I really appreciate!), so I'm giving it one more go in June. Maybe this last try will be a winner and restore my faith? Fingers crossed!

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