Thursday, May 28, 2015

I've been busy.

Well, it's waaaaay too late in the week to try to pass this post off as a belated 10 Things on Tuesday, so we'll just call it a general update post, instead. Things have been pretty crazy!

1. (I like numbered lists. Deal with it.) After a change to her medication, my mom was super sick again most of last week. At one point she fell while trying to get off the couch, and I was physically incapable of getting her up (She only weighs like 100 lbs, but my back sucks in general and my car accident a few months ago certainly didn't help it) so we had to call 911. I felt pretty lame telling the dispatcher "My mother has fallen and, uh... this is a total cliche, but can't get up." She didn't want to go to the hospital, though, and they couldn't exactly force her so they just got her back up onto the sofa and checked vitals and such. I'll save you all the drawn out details of the story, but I ended up getting a *total* of about 8 hours of sleep across five days before I had a total sobbing breakdown and told mom she had to call in reinforcements. My sister that lives a couple of hours away came down the next morning and I got like three GLORIOUS hours of uninterrupted sleep that ended with her calling my phone and waking me up because mom had finally agreed to go to the hospital. My poor sister was so stressed and frazzled from just four hours of taking care of mom that all I could do was look at her unblinking and say "Five. Days. On no sleep."

2. So,  the momma spent a few nights in the hospital, got switched to a new combo of medications, and came home on Tues. My middle sister took the week off work to come help take care of her (whew!) so at least I've been managing a solid four or five hours of sleep the last couple of nights.

3. All of the above led to one of those "Wow, I really can not continue like this" epiphany moments. Anxiety and depression are things that I struggle with on an almost daily basis, so just taking good care of myself takes a lot out of me - I am totally not capable of providing serious care for another person. I'm fine when mom is relatively healthy and I just need to pop by her house a few times a day to check in, make sure she is taking all of her pills, etc, but the level of care she needed last week was (almost literally) killing me. I feel like the absolute best thing I can do right now is somehow come up with the $ to move back to Florida so that my sister can take over my apartment (I live in an in-law apartment attached to my mom's house) and take care of her much better than I'm able to. I've been dying to move back to FL for years, so this is kind of the "this has to happen NOW" moment.

4. I browsed through the current seasonal jobs available at Disney, and got super excited to see that they had a social media position. Disney World and Twitter? I am beyond qualified for that one. But sadly, I got the "we have decided to look at candidates with qualifications and experience that are a better match" form letter rejection. Given that they wanted someone with writing experience (I've been a freelance writer for 5 years now), Disney experience (I was a concierge there for almost 3 years) and social media experience (yep.), I have no idea what more they wanted, but c'est la vie. However...

5. It got me thinking. First, I thought "Hey! Maybe I could get an apartment community to discount my rent in exchange for running their FB/Twitter/etc!" and then I thought "Wait, maybe I could also do that for places other than where I want to live?? And in one of those weird periods of inspiration where an idea forms in your brain all at once, like JKR figuring out the plot of Harry Potter on a train, I had a complete business plan, pricing structure and all, worked out in about an hour. Woot!

6. I still need to put together a website, but you can follow Sun Cat Creative on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram already! There's not much of anything up yet, but the support would mean a lot to me!

7. Y'all have no idea how many names I went through before finding one that was available, btw. Every time I thought I had something totally unique, LOLNOPE. Hazel Creative? (after my mother's maiden name) Taken. Black Cat Media? Taken. Little Bear (after my Bear cat) Media? Taken. Literally evvvverything. So I figured "sun" because Florida and "cat" because duh, crazy cat lady. Voila!

8. I promise not to spam you guys with this (since I did also mention it in my last post) but I also set up a Go Fund Me page where you can throw a couple of dollars towards my moving fund if you want to be an awesome person and earn all kinds of good karma points and feel really rad about yourself. I felt super self conscious about setting it up, because a) I *never* ask for help with like, anything, and b) there are so many pages on there raising $ for adorable pet vet bills or family funeral expenses or other heartbreaking things that I felt super lame setting one up for moving expenses. But I need to come up with around $4k in a couple of months, so I am doing literally everything possible short of workin' the pole (and man, if I was in better shape I'd probably even consider that) to make it happen.

9. In totally unrelated news, I got Gretchen Rubin's new book in the mail today! Excited to dive in once I actually get some free time!

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10. And last, I DID actually finally get a small break to soak up some sun! The hospital mom was at was practically right across the street from a park on the lake, so after visiting her on Monday I went over for about half an hour to de-stress and enjoy the (finally!) beautiful weather. Much needed!

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