Tuesday, June 09, 2015

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 40

1. I've had an unbelievably exhausting couple of weeks, y'all. Life has been kicking my butt. At least there are cool things to look forward to, like...

2. I've selected Sept 1 as my "Move back to FL!" date. I will admit that this was partly influenced by the fact that it's the date that Harry boards the Hogwarts Express to head off on adventures. But also it's convenient and realistic and just plain works. Yay, September!

3. Fall is my favorite season in Florida, so being home for it will be THE VERY BEST THING. Disney released the concert schedule for this year's Epcot Food & Wine fest, and let's
just say that I'll be spending a whole lotta time at Epcot!

4. But speaking of Epcot... I'm just not excited for the new Frozen attraction.

Epcot is my favorite park. It's all about discovery, learning, adventure. Maelstrom wasn't exactly an e-ticket ride, but it was charming and fun. I can't tell you how many times I have quoted the "You are not the first to pass this way, nor shall you be the last" opening in a truly terrible Norwegian accent.

At least it lives on on the internets! Above quote is at 4:20. 

The thing is, Disney keeps sucking all of the awesome cultural aspects out of Epcot and replacing them with princesses. Restaurant Akershaus is already a princess character meal, so with Frozen taking over as Norway's attraction, what's left to actually represent the country except some sweaters in the gift shop and school bread at the bakery?

5. And because clearly I am no fun at all, I'm not excited about any of the new Frappuccino flavors, either. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

6. I think I might be excited about next year's Powerpuff Girls revamp, though. Although the original is perfection, so they better not screw it up.

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7. I re-watched Sabrina for the first time in like a billion years yesterday while turning this dress into a kimono cardigan type thing. This is my question, though: Sabrina is supposed to be 22, and Bogart's character says something along the lines of "If I was 10 years younger..." Are we really supposed to believe Bogie is 40-ish in this story? (He was 55 when it was filmed.) I mean, even if he could pass for 50, he should probably at least have been saying "If I was 20 years younger..."

Totes believable couple.

8. I set up a new Twitter account just for the blog! It will mostly stick to stuff I write about here - travel and cats and books and yoga and such, as well as links to blog updates. @Crystal11 will still be my main account, though! But the new one is an alternative for those who don't want everyday ramblings and political ranting.

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9. Spent a little time at the lake today after my chiropractor appointment, and it was exxxxxcellent! There are two videos up on my personal Instagram, if you wanna check em out! (Yep, I have separate personal and blog instagrams. Not sure why, I'm weird!)

10 I've been thinking about Miss Glamourazzi/Ingrid's coming out video that went up today. I've watched her on and off for several years, but I was never a huge fan. Funny enough, the thing that put me (and apparently a lot of people) off was that it always felt like she was putting on a false personality, trying to portray being someone that she wasn't. Finding out that yeah, that's exactly what she's been doing makes a lot of sense. How ironic is it that the falseness she put up in order to feel loved and accepted was actually the main thing people that caused people to dislike her? Says something about the power of being genuine. Hope she gets to be much happier now!

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