Wednesday, July 15, 2015

10 Things - Volume 41

1. You would think I'd be able to keep up with doing a weekly 10 Things post! LOLNOPE. I've failed y'all lately. Sorry bout it.

2. So, OMG, Rachel Freaking Maddow followed me on Twitter last week.

Pretty much my reaction. And then I called my mom.

I started to post about it and then got distracted by something shiny, so check back tomorrow to read about it!

rachel maddow shirt - Google Search
Like, for realsies!

3. Target recently had a buy one, get one 50% off sale, so I scored this dress that I've had my eye on for quite a while...

This kind of dress has totally become my summer staple! I tried it on in the store a while back but the medium was too small on my chest and the XL was too big all over, and they didn't have a large in store. So when the sale rolled around, I finally ordered it online!

Embedded image permalink
Uh, sorry I don't have a head. I actually tweeted this last week as a note that the rad thing about summer is that when you don't feel good, you can throw on a little dress that basically feels like a nightgown and still look like you put in effort. Yay, dresses!

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Slightly more pulled together.

4. I also ordered this one...

but then I was very sad because it didn't quite fit right. They had L and XXL in the store, with the prior being too small on my chest and the latter being way too big in general, so you'd kinda guess the XL would fit, right? Nopes. I'm pretty much in mourning. (It also comes in this cute black/coral color scheme which makes me even more sad. Arrgh!)

5. Had a total freakout when I was about to post this because Google randomly decided that after blogging here for over a decade, it suddenly wasn't sure if I actually owned my domain name. An hour of poking things later, my blog came back from 404 awfulness! WHEW!

6. I aspire to this level of greatness:

7. I mentioned the de-cluttering book I just read in yesterday's book post, but I forgot to mention a part that resonated me. I don't recall the exact wording, but it was something along the lines of "Do you want your home to be a sanctuary for your current life or a museum of your past?"

8. I assume that you have already seen this cat gif, but just in case...

9. I am SO OVER the freaking rain! Didn't get to go to this month's thrift store bag sale because there was a ginormous flash flood and the street in front of the store was basically a river. On Monday, I had some free time in the evening and was like omg, I will go hang out at the lake for a while! Except LOLNOPE, the lake ate the road.


Meanwhile, adorable Chris Hayes is doing a week long feature about the drought in California. WTF climate?

10. This is my jam right now:

Yes, I know it's everywhere, but I love it!

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