Thursday, August 06, 2015

Get Inspired! #InspiredByCrafted DIY Catnip Toys!

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There's something special about anything that someone took the time to create by hand, with love. I think that's part of why sites like Etsy and Pinterest are so popular; we love the idea of DIY, but finding the time to actually create something special can be tough! As you might know if you've spent much time around my blog, I love picking up not-so-cute clothes at thrift shops for next to nothing and turning them into something wearable and one of a kind. It's so cool to know that literally no one else in the world has the same outfit you do! Here's one of my favorite transformations:

You can see the whole post about it here!

While I will happily spend hours upon hours in front of a sewing machine creating something fun, I'm definitely not one for spending a ton of time in the kitchen (I get annoyed by any meal that takes more than 10 minutes to prepare, so I cant imagine if I had to take time to prepare meals from scratch for my cats, too! Hill's® Ideal Balance Crafted® lets you skip those hours slaving over a hot stove by doing all of the work for you! They make small batch, slow cooked cat food that features meat as the first ingredient and unique ingredients like ancient grains that make the Crafted homemade style recipes really stand out from the rest. 

You can find the full line of Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted dog and cat food at specialty pet stores and on the shelves at many vet offices! There's even a coupon on the Hill's website for $7 off a bag of Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted dry food for your cat or dog! (My cats love the Crafted Grain Free Herbed Chicken and Chickpeas Recipe dry cat food!)  

Lots of people are getting inspired by the Crafted line of foods and getting creative to create something by hand! You can check out their awesome projects on the #InspiredByCrafted page, and even submit your own crafty projects and enter the giveaway to win one of 20 pet store gift cards! I couldn't resist joining in the DIY crafting fun, so I decided to make some super quick kitty catnip toys from things I already had around the house!

 Supplies you need: A scrap of fabric, some catnip, and good loud crinkly plastic from a cookie package so that the toy makes exciting noise when kitties play with it! (Enthusiastic Helper Kitten not necessary, but suggested.)

It's not a big deal if you're not great at sewing. The cats won't notice if your seams aren't anywhere close to being straight! The only thing you do need to be careful about is making sure there are no stray threads that your cat could ingest. Super dangerous to kitty digestive systems!

Fold your scrap of fabric in half and sew seams along two sides, leaving the last edge open so that you can flip it inside out and fill it up!

I put in a little bit of the crumpled up plastic, a layer of catnip, and then more crumpled plastic. You can totally skip the plastic, but it serves the dual purpose of making fun noises and taking up space inside so you can use less catnip and the toy stays lighter!

There are fancier ways to close it up, but I went quick and simple by folding the edge over twice to hide the raw edge. Voila!

The whole project took me less than ten minutes from start to finish, even including stops to snap photos for this post, and the cats were entertained by that thing for hours! I was surprised by how big of a hit it was, especially since it cost next to nothing to make! You can see a video of kittens having a blast with it on my Instagram!

Have you ever made something just for your pets? I'd love to see or hear about it! 

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