Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tennyson's Birthday Dinner from Sheba!

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and SHEBA. All opinions and adorable cats are my own.

So, this little dude...

just turned 2 years old! As you can tell from that bottom right pic when he was 6 weeks old, Ten and I have been BFF's for pretty much forever! (He still rides on my back/shoulders like that, even though he's up to a whopping 9.5 lbs now!)

I decided to use the samples that the Sheba team was kind enough to send me as the fancy dinner for Tennyson's birthday celebration! He got a whole small can to himself, and the other cats got to share everything else.

Being my cat is not a bad gig sometimes.

Ten loved both the chicken and turkey varieties of the Sheba Perfect Cuts - he's a tiny guy despite being a young adult now, so sometimes food with bi chunks can be a little large for him to handle, but these tiny diced meat pieces were perfect for him! And you've gotta love that they are made from responsibly sourced, high quality ingredients and plenty of protein!  

I loved the Sheba Perfect Portions - there are so many times that just one cat will be hungry (usually because they napped through meal time or were way too busy doing important cat stuff to show up), so I hate to open a whole new can just for that one. These are perfect for when that happens - the serving size is perfect for one kitty!

Want the chance to win a whole lotta Sheba for your cats? You can win an entire YEAR's supply by posting a photo of your cat eating Sheba to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #SwitchToSheba, or uploading it at Vocalpoint! Time to show off your kitties!

Between the delicious dinner and a bunch of new mousie and catnip toys, I'd say Ten's birthday was a pretty solid success!

Have you tried any Sheba foods yet? (Well, your cats, not you personally. That's probably not the best idea,) Am I the only one weird enough to throw birthday parties for my cats, or have you done it, too? Make me feel better about my Cat lady-ness with your stories!

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