Tuesday, September 15, 2015

10 Things... Sort Of?

1. TBH I'm sitting here thinking that I sooooo don't have 10 blog-worthy things this week. My life has been a crazy mix of working too much, working a little more, getting ready for this weekend's citywide yard sale, dealing with family stuff, and then doing a little work, just for good measure. I could probably make it interesting to read about if I really tried, but I'm pretty darn brain dead at this point.

2. These are currently my reason for living:

3. And the fact that it's NYFW. You guys know how much I freaking love Fashion Week. I think I have more posts under that tag than any other. (Mostly because I'm terrible at tagging posts. Oops.)

(this one's from Rodarte.)

4. I ordered business cards for my social media management business! They're the super cheap kind, but at least it's something I can have on hand. Makes me feel all adult-y.

5. I've never wanted a pair of Monolo Blahniks before, not even during the whole Sex & the City craze, but these are awesome. (And also more expensive than rent in most cities.)

6. I finally moved about 2,000 photos from my phone to my computer today.  (cloud things scare me.)

7. About half of those photos were cat pics.

8. I stepped on a huge piece of broken glass last night (one of my cats knocked a glass off the kitchen counter a few days ago. Thought I got it all cleaned up, but LOL NOPE.) My living room looks like a crime scene, and I'm limping like... something limpy.

9. I have zero idea how I am going to finish all of the yard sale prep in the next 33-ish hours. OMG.

10. Probably not the best 10 things ever, but something is better than nothing, right? I hope?

How is your week going?

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

10 Things on Wednesday - Volume 44

1. Anyone have suggestions for good sites for finding houses & condos to rent? There are a billion apartment sites, but I'm not finding a whole lot when it comes to the other options!

2. I am 100% convinced that the fire in Epcot today was the revenge of the trolls from the Maelstrom, mad that their ride is being replaced by more Frozen stuff.

3. I keep flirting with these boots every time I'm at Target:

I'm kinda in love (and they're on sale for $34), but I bought 3 new pairs of boots last fall, so it's not like I *need* new boots. But they're so great! Yes? No? Maybe? Plus, I'm torn between these and the black version. Why isn't there a Target Fairy to bring good little boys and girls gift cards?

4. I've decided that I totally need to get into archery on horseback, so I can feel like half Merida, half Lara Croft.

(I've ridden since I was 3 but have zero experience with a bow and arrow, so....)

(Unless you count the bows and arrows my dad taught me to make from sticks and stuff as a kid. I'm guessing you don't.)

5. Speaking of horsie things, I also really want to volunteer at a therapeutic riding center once I'm back in Orlando!

6. Still watching OITNB. I'm on season 3 now!


7. I discovered Paper Clouds Apparel on one of my fav Instagram accounts (Feministabulous), and I'm kinda in love. Their shirts are designed by people with special needs and sales raise both money and awareness. So great!

8. I just spent four solid hours cleaning up the guest room at my mom's house that my nephew and his girlfriend have been staying in. How can you trash the house of someone kind enough to let you stay with them while you're between apartments? I'm exhausted.

9. My town's citywide yard sale is in just over a week, so I'm running around sticking little neon price tags on anything that sits still long enough. Goodbyeeeee, clutter, hello cash money, yo! Dolla dolla bills!

10. I totally missed linking up for Show Us Your Books yesterday! I have at least half a dozen half written book reviews. Should I just post tomorrow or find another linkup? Decisions, decisions!

Happy hump day, friends!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 43

1. So, it's two weeks later and I still haven't written about my weekend in Tulsa hanging out with my girls! I'll get on that soon. Oops? (Spoiler alert - it involves finding myself braless in public, wearing someone else's shoes.)

2.  I never watched New Girl because I found the main character way too grating, but I caught a couple of episodes while I was on vacation, and am now painfully in love with Nick Miller, and have possibly been binge Netflixing it. 

3. I've also been (finally) watching Orange Is The New Black, which is way, way different than the book, but addictive.

4. Heads up - my current favorite shorts are on clearance for $11.50! I love that they're unique but neutral-ish enough that you can pair them with all kinds of tops!

5. I've been trying to make a point to spend some time at the lake at least a couple of times a week.

I mostly just go find a spot to sit and write, and it's pretty great. More of this!

6. I've been OMG-crazy busy, but with the boring kind of life stuff that is not only time consuming, but also has the audacity to be totally uninteresting to blog about, thus two whole weeks of no posts. 

7. Today was the day I originally planned to move back to FL, but with all of the craziness of mom being in and out of the hospital and nursing home over the past several months, I'm now shooting for mid-October. It worked out strangely well, since FL is getting smacked by tropical storms right now! Taking care of mom has seriously cut into the amount of free time I have for work (#FreelanceProblems), so I am working pretty much 24/7 to build up my move fund! I'm soooo ready to go. 

8. I am super jealous that Target makes this line of what I like to think of as "Cat Lady In Training" clothes for little girls, and nothing in my size. Life is unfair. I would rock that kitten dress. 

Links to find these adorable things - clockwise - 1-2-3-4

9. My little town's citywide yard sale is in about 2 weeks, so I'm running around sticking neon price tags on things. It is pretty much perfect timing with the upcoming move, but man do I always repress how much work these things are! If you need me, I'll be searching for tips on how to make a bazillion dollars from a yard sale on Pinterest!

10. I'm strangely in love with this song right now: