Thursday, October 01, 2015

10 Things - Volume 46

I know, it's not Tuesday. Let's pretend!

1. Water. On. Mars. How freaking cool is THAT?

Evidence of water found on Mars

2. I survived citywide yard sale weekend, but just barely! It was almost 90 degrees, so being outside from 7:30 am - 4 pm kicked my butt, especially since a good chunk of that time was spent hauling heavy boxes of sale stuff around! I was too sick & achy to even make it out of bed on Saturday, but one of my sisters kindly took over for me! Didn't make a ton of cash, but got rid of a lot of excess stuff and added a pretty decent chunk of $ to my FL move fund! YAY!

3. My big ol' nerdy dreamboat of a TV crush, Chris Hayes, WON A FREAKING EMMY! For the All In series on poverty in America. I'm so proud! He's so freaking fantastic.

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4. The boots I've been drooling over turned out to be a big nope. I finally tried a pair on in store to make sure I had the right size before ordering them online, but they were somehow weirdly.... baggy? in the ankle area. How is that even possible??

I don't think sizing down would help, since the actual foot part fits well. Maybe some serious lace adjustment would help? Super sad, since these are the only boots I've fallen in love with so far this season. Guess that means I need to just stick with last year's!


Saw this online last night and nearly lost my freaking mind! I've been *begging* Starbucks to do the big 48 oz jugs of PSL for actual years. They finally listened! I'm going to drink approximately 58 gallons of Basic Bitch goodness over the next few months! (Until Gingerbread Latte comes out, since it's my favorite!)

6. #PinkOut day on Twitter/FB/IG/etc was so incredibly beautiful and inspiring and empowering and just WOW that I can't bare to change my Twitter pic back yet! So many amazing women (and men! And other genders!) out there standing up for access to life-saving care. Makes my heart overflow with glee for all the good in the world.

Crystal Ward

7. If you follow me on Instagram (personal OR blog account!) you know I've been kinda obsessed with sunsets at the lake lately. Hoping to head out there this afternoon (If I'm feeling decent post-dentist appointment) or tomorrow and nerd out with my fancy new-ish dSLR to get some great shots! I love what I've been capturing with my horrible cell phone camera, so  can't even imagine how they will look with my real camera!
8. Target better have some of these on clearance after Halloween so I can score one to wear around the house as lounge wear! Way better than yoga pants.

Nothing says "I work from home!" like writing in your dinosaur jumpsuit! I know it's labeled "dragon", but I'd rather be a dinosaur. Unless I can be Trogdor.

9. Unpopular opinion: I don't like the Ryan Adams 1989 album.

10. Did you watch the eclipse of the Supermoon - Blood Moon - Harvest Moon - OMG How Many Different Things Can We Call This Moon? I spent around an hour total outside checking it out - SO COOL. The last one was in 1982, when I was still a wee lass. Couldn't get any decent photos, and mostly spent my time trying to avoid getting run over since the only place I had a decent view was in the middle of my street! Still, super cool, super moon!

How is your week going?

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