Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites - Again!

Another crazy week of nowhere near enough free time! Here's what I've been loving this week:

1. FINALLY! I've been begging Starbucks to do the 48 oz jugs of PSL for YEARS, so I was super excited when I saw about a month ago that they'd be in stores by the end of September. I've looked *everywhere* for the past 3 weeks, and finally found them yesterday! Hooray! It's not as great as a freshly made latte with whipped cream and whatever spices they put on top, but it's a darn decent substitute. I sat in my car in the grocery store parking lot drinking it straight out of the jug like the caffeine addict I am.

2. I ordered some kitty grass for Rachel, and she has been trying SO HARD to figure it out.

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She's had some tummy troubles lately, so I tried carrying her outside (she's a totally indoor girl) to let her try eating grass while I nervously kept a hand on her, but the poor girl could NOT figure it out. She sniffed at every blade. She tried to nibble it. She ended up cuddling the grass. I gave up and paid $4 (I love you, free Red Card shipping!) to get a cat grass kit shipped to my house. It took a few days to grow (I've had it less than a week and it's like 6-7" tall!) and she's in love with it. She still can't quite get the hang of EATING it (she tries to get it with her front teeth instead of going in with the molars) but I have faith in her. She is, after all, named after the smartest woman on TV!

Action shot!

3. I'm currently reading these two books and they're both fantastic!

4. THIS TOP! I was walking past the sleepwear section at Walmart this week and noticed these super fuzzy looking tops, so of course I had to stop and feel them because I'm creepy like that. (Everyone stops to feel soft-looking stuff, right?) THEY ARE AMAZING. It's like living inside a Muppet. And it was $8. I didn't even try it on, just grabbed it. (They run big, btw. Large fits like approx a size 14, but it's great because it's all slouchy and relaxed.) I have a feeling I'll be living in it all winter. (And OMG, when I pulled it up online to steal the photo, I found out it also comes in WAY more colors than the 3 my store had! Gimmie all the fuzzy shirts!!) (And yes, I am recommending a top from Walmart of all places. I'm such a fancy high end fashion blogger.)

5. This gal:

There's no way I could even make it through 11 hours of something fun without getting grumpy and super snarky. She's unbreakable.

Totally the best moment. "Were you alone ALL NIGHT?" (HRC cracks up) "I don't think that's funny!"

Rachel Maddow is interviewing Hillary tonight - CAN NOT WAIT. (Oh hey, remember last week when Rachel called me awesome? ME TOO!)

What are you loving this week?


Darcy said...

So excited about peppermint mocha!!! I am not a big psl fan at all so i cannot wait for winter drinks haha!

Jennifer Zeigler said...

WAIT WHAT!? Theres a PSL IN A JUG?! Give me all of it. right now. WHERE DID YOU FIND IT! I need to wake my baby up from her nap to go look right now! AH that makes my heart flip flop from all the caffeine i'm about to ingest!

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

PSL in a jug! Doubtful it's coming to canada anytime soon :-(

All love me some HC!

Alexis Rochester said...

That sleep top looks amazing. I actually just bought some sleep shorts and pants from walmart because they were so incredibly soft. They were only $10 each! Sometimes you can find awesome stuff there!

Alexis @

Laura Darling said...

I think $8 is a decent price to pay to feel like you're living inside a muppet. I might have to stop by WalMart today!