Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Awesome Cats Deserve Awesome Food! #SavorShreddedBlend

Food For Healthy Cats

My cats put up with a lot. (Look, I'm not admitting that I made Tennyson wear a dress just for this post, but I'm not denying it, either.) They also provide me with warm snuggles on these cold almost winter nights, lots of cute content for my Instagram, and an endless supply of LOLs. In return, I'm just expected to be a slave to their every whim... err, give them lots of love and tasty, nutritious food! 


So we're talking cat food today! Where my cat ladies at?

Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Cat Food

Fun fact: The kitty who is modeling in this photo and appears on the front bag is named Amethyst. She was living in a shelter when she was photographed, but has since found a forever home! Woohoo!

This post is sponsored by Pro Plan® Savor® Shredded Blend and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping enrich the lives of dogs, but Straight On Till Morning only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend is not responsible for the content of this article. 

I almost always stop at PetSmart when I'm up in Springfield, because a) cat food is ALWAYS on my shopping list, it seems, and b) they carry all kinds of cool products and brands that I can't find in my tiny little town. On my last visit, I was there to look for an anti-itchy skin spray for my cat Jasper that I'd heard about via BlogPaws, but when I arrived at the store, I couldn't help but notice the big banner for the new line of Purina® Pro Plan® foods they were carrying!

Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend

Purina is always coming up with innovative new pet foods, and I actually think the concept for Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend dry cat food is pretty cool! It combines regular crunchy kibble pieces with softer pieces of shredded meat so that your cat gets a variety of tastes and textures as they eat. Since real meat is the #1 ingredient, they get plenty of protein, as well as nutrients including Vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids. The dry food is available in Salmon & Rice formula (pictured above) or Chicken & Rice formula for kitties who are poultry fans. 

Cats Try Purina Pro Plan Savor Food

We tried the Chicken & Rice formula recently. That little sample bag went FAST! In this photo, Bear is wondering a) why the bag is empty, and b) if I'm ever going to fix my chipped nail polish.

You can purchase Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend at PetSmart stores, or buy your cat food in the comfort of your pajamas on PetSmart.com! You may also want to check out the Purina Pro Plan Savor wet food, which comes in tasty flavor combos like Braised Beef in Gravy with Carrots and Sole in Sauce with Spinach. (That's a tongue twister!)

Learn more and keep up with the latest news (and use the internet for its intended purpose - looking at cat pics) by following Pro Plan Cat on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. (Definitely check out the wnners of their #MenAndCatsContest on Instagram! That's my kind of pin-up calendar!!)

Tennyson has requested that I end this post with this photo of him looking like a super fierce, vicious hunter guy:

That feather on a string toy didn't stand a chance!

Have you guys tried any Purina Pro Plan Savor foods yet? How was it? And feel free to leave comments telling Tenny how handsome he looks in his princess dress! And if you're looking for your own cat-related fashion, don't miss my giveaway for gorgeous a cat print scarf!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cat Lady Box Review & Scarf Giveaway

Head over to my new blog to check out my review of the Cat Lady Box subscription box, and enter to win an awesome black and white cat scarf! The giveaway ends Nov 30th!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites - LAST ONE HERE!

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! I intend to celebrate by cuddling some black cats! (Then again, I do that every day!)

Here are my favorites for this week!

1. First things first! This is going to be my LAST Friday Favorites post on this blog. Why? Am I boycotting Fridays from now on? Nope! It's because I'm officially moving over to my shiny new blog! I've hinted at it a bit here and there, but it's finally ready to go, and as scary as change is, it's time! I really hope you'll come check me out at and Blue Sky! Straight On Till Morning has been good to me for the past 11+ years, but I am SO ready (and slightly terrified) for something new!! (I will still be posting here a bit as I transition over, but eventually the new blog will be my home!)

2. I got my November Stitch Fix this week and IT IS AMAZING. If you've read my old Stitch Fix reviews, you know I usually haven't had great luck in the past. I'm hoping that my sister can take outfit photos for me today so I can get the review up this weekend! In the mean time, here's a sneak peek (or total tease, depending.)

3. How fantastic was the Democratic Candidate Forum that my BFF and Girlcrush Rachel Maddow hosted last week???

It was refreshing to get to hear policies and plans without all of the "why is he getting more time than me?" whining that's been going on in debates, and Maddow is so freaking smart that she was able to ask fantastic, probing questions and push for real answers.

I, of course, did the adult thing and colored during the whole forum.

I haven't had time to watch the SNL skit about it yet, but I am amused by Rachel's theory that the actress portraying her snuck into her office and borrowed her actual clothes. (SNL and MSNBC are both in the same building.)

4. I've been reading a TON of new (to me) travel blogs lately. A couple I've been enjoying are:

Going Somewhere Slowly
The Wandering Quinn

I take no responsibility for any wanderlust that strikes you while reading them!


Happy Friday, everyone! Go forth and make the weekend awesome! (And don't forget to visit the new blog! WOOHOO!)

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Friday, November 06, 2015

Friday Favorites: November is Here!

It's Friday Favs day again! And somehow November? Maybe this will the week I actually manage to finish posts OTHER than my Friday favs? (My draft folder runneth over!)

1. You probably already saw these if you follow me on Twitter or my personal Instagram, but...

2. I decided yesterday that I was finally going to give in and get myself one of those fancy adult coloring books that are as omnipresent as pumpkin spice lattes these days. I happened to be a few blocks from Barnes & Noble at the time, so I stopped, figuring they'd probably have a few. Guess what the display as you walk through the door (before you even get into the store) was? Yup! Adult coloring books! I bought this one of mehndi designs. Can't wait to get some colored pencils and get started!

3. I always think that peeking at the groceries that people buy is fun, so here's a look at my cart yesterday...

I've had the limited edition seasonal Larabars before (Snickerdoodle are THE BEST! The box behind those are Pumpkin Pie), but everything else here was new to me. Sometimes you just need to change things up, ya know? I had the burrito last night and it was... ok? It was filled with lentils and potatoes and such spiced with tumeric and cardamom and other things I'm probably forgetting. Not amazing, but not bad. I'm super excited about the little "steam in pouch" quinoa things on the left! I <3 and="" but="" each="" forever="" hate="" it="" like="" make.="" nbsp="" p="" quinoa="" takes="" that="" these="" to="" were="">
4. My friend Megan posted about favorite yoga poses on Facebook the other day, which got me pondering mine. There are quite a few (fire log pose, pigeon, that one cross-legged one that I can never remember the name of that feels amazing...) but this bent leg variation of down dog is one of my absolute favs! It's just one of those poses that stretches spots that nothing else seems to get!

5. I'm working on a blog thing that I'm SUPER excited about but not quite ready to spill the details on just yet. (I know, such a tease!) But oh man, it has me all excited about blogging again and up until all hours of the night working on it! Can't wait to share!

And now I need to know one of YOUR favorites, please! What's your favorite nail color for fall? I've been on the hunt for something new! Leave me your suggestions, please!

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